Willie Brown Inc.

Number 18963
Subject Money And Politics
Source San Francisco Chronicle
State CA
Year 2001
Publication Date April 29 to May 3
Summary The series presents how San Francisco's mayor Willie L. Brown introduced an influence system based on personal relationships, political loyalty and campaign donations that became the decisive factor in the awarding of city contracts and distribution of public funds. It is also reported how Brown has created a "patronage army" and how he has circumvented the city's tough campaign finance law to raise millions for his political machine. Specific references to people in his entourage, companies that benefitted from this process and subsequent investigation by the FBI are given.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 31
Keywords mayor;San Francisco;William G. Ruthland;John deCastro;MissionBay;soft money;FBI;charity;indictment;business;civil service;political rewards;lobby;Warren Hellman;Wells Fargo;AT&T;patronage.
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