The Strong Arm of the Law: They call themselves 'bail enforcement agents,' but most know them as bounty hunters, people paid to collar recalcitrant, usually petty, criminals. But sometimes they miss.

Number 20290
Subject Bail Bonds
Source Insight Magazine
Year 2000
Publication Date June 19, 2000
Summary Story explains how bounty hunters can sometimes use extreme measures to arrest a person who owes bail money. Article also talks about Rep. Asa Hutchinson's (an Arkansas Republican) calls for a "Citizen Protection Act" or "Bounty Hunter Responsibility Act" because sometimes bounty hunters make mistakes, or act inappropriately.
Category General
Pages 3
Keywords law;bounty hunters;bail;bail bondsmen;bond;bail bond;law enforcement;criminals;jail;Asa Hutchinson;Citizen Protection Act;Bounty Hunter Responsibility Act;fugitive
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