A Horrible Answer

Number 24742
Subject Juvenile Justice System
Source Washington Times
State DC
Year 2010
Publication Date 11/16/2010; 11/19/2010; 11/22/2010; 11/29/2010; 11/25/2010; 12/01/2010; 12/02/2010; 12/13/2010; 12/16/2010
Summary Fire years into massive reforms, Washington, D.C.'s pledge to create a more compassionate juvenile justice system remains unfulfilled, and youth in the custody of the city are killing and dying at epidemic proportions. This series looked comprehensively at the statistics and the stories behind a year's worth of deadly violence among juveniles in the custody of the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS), in most cases because they had a juvenile criminal record. Reporters found that during the year they studied, one in five homicides in the city involved a youth in the custody of the city as either a victim or a suspect.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 30
Keywords Juvenile; Washington, D.C.; Crime; Violence; Youth; State; Homicide; Ward of City; Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services; DYRS
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