"Small Claims...Big Injustice"

Number 26142
Subject Criminal Justice System
Source WTHR-TV (Indianapolis)
State Indiana
Year 2013
Publication Date May 16, May 17, May 30, June 13, July 16, Dec. 18
Summary Small Claims Courts are supposed to provide thousands of people a way to settle low cost legal disputes. But in one Indiana county, 13 Investigates found the "people's court" overrun by high powered collections attorneys, cashing in on excessive fees and walking away with millions. 13 Investigates exposed questionable practices impacting the pocketbooks and credit scores of unsuspecting defendants. This series of reports prompted top legal minds including Indiana's Highest Court to speak out against the injustice. New policies are now in place to stop the legal nightmare and protect those who simply want to pay what they owe.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords small claims courts; people's court; defendants; fees
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