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  • Lessons from scientists and academics

    Scientists, academics and investigative journalists have a lot in common. Both develop deep knowledge of their subjects over long-spanning careers and care about accuracy, fairness and making an impact through groundbreaking discoveries. This presentation will discuss what academics researchers and journalists can learn from each other, how they can effectively work together by harnessing complementary skills and successfully collaborate to push the boundaries of research and reporting while maintaining the highest standards.

    Tags: scientists; academics; knowledge; accuracy

    By Sinduja Rangarajan


  • JavaScript: Writing reusable chart modules in D3

    Tired of making the same line chart again and again? We’ll teach you how to write your own reusable chart module in D3, adhering to the basic principles outlined in Mike Bostock’s post Towards Reusable Charts.

    Tags: d3; javascript; reusable; charts

    By Sarah Frostenson


  • R 3: Gathering and cleaning data in R Github repo

    Learn how to use R to scrape data from web pages, build basic loops, access APIs and transform the results into usable data. This session will also explore how to clean and structure the data you've gathered in preparation for analysis using tidyverse packages.

    Tags: r; scraping; apis; data; tidyverse

    By Caelainn Barr


  • Investigating Immigration

    Move beyond routine stories about immigrants and immigration by digging deeper on key documents and data that might be new to you. You’ll learn where different datasets are located at the local, state and federal level as well as how to use alternative data sources to cover immigration. Regardless of where you live or work, you'll learn a variety of fresh story ideas and tips for producing watchdog stories about immigration that make a difference in your community.

    Tags: immigrants; data; sets; story; immigration

    By Maria Zamudio; Sarah Macaraeg; Pam Dempsey; Reade Levinson


  • The congressional data you don't use (but should)

    Although voting and bill data are readily available, there are other types of congressional data that might come in handy.

    Tags: congress; data

    By Michael Beckel; Carrie Levine; Daniel Schuman; Derek Willis


  • Intro to R and RStudio

    This repo includes R scripts that will be on laptops in my NICAR hands-on session Saturday morning introducing R and RStudio.

    Tags: r; rstudio

    By Sharon Machlis


  • We need more career paths for news nerds

    "My name is Matt Dempsey and I’m the data editor at the Houston Chronicle. I’d like to thank everyone who voted to hear me complain for 5 minutes about my job. But seriously, this isn’t about me. It’s about how few of us are in newsroom leadership positions, even though data journalism has never been in more demand."

    Tags: jobs; career; leadership; editors

    By Matt Dempsey


  • Finding Data to Cover College Athletics

    The best data available to help you cover college athletics is housed in financial reports submitted to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and college coach contracts. You can use these documents to write about skyrocketing coach salaries, perks and bonuses; ever-increasing student fees and athletic scholarships, among other stories. Input the numbers you care about into a spreadsheet to run some quick calculations. For richer stories, input data from other schools in the same conference as the schools you cover.

    Tags: athletics; college; university; ncaa

    By Christopher Schnaars


  • Intermediate D3 Github repo

    We will build on D3.js basics by exploring more complex chart forms, covering functions for fetching and manipulating data, and introducing transitions and interaction. We will write working code together and break down how some of our favorite examples of D3 charts work.

    Tags: de; charts; data; interaction; code

    By John Muyskens


  • How emerging technologies can aid your storytelling

    Here are 3 lightning talks about innovation, emerging tech, and voice design from NICAR 2018 (with slides)

    Tags: innovation; tech; voice

    By Padraic Cassidy; Marc Lavallee; Simon Rogers; Sanette Tanaka Sloan; Emily Withrow