CAR Conference Blog : March 2012

Visualizing data with Tableau, a trainer's perspective

Tableau hands-on training at NICAR 2012
Journalsts at the 2012 CAR Conference attend hands-on Tableau training.
Photo courtesy of Tableau

By Daniel Hom
Tableau Public


Many journalists have experienced leafing through stacks of documents, searching for important numbers to back up stories and trying to relay all of that in a way that captivates readers. It’s a world where too often multimedia means simple graphs and interactivity a time-consuming Adobe Flash graphic.

I know these experiences because they were my own when I worked in the journalism industry. I’m a bit of a numbers nerd, but I also love telling stories. I often struggled ...

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NICAR 2012 Wrap-Up

2012 CAR Conference

Hundreds of attendees and dozens of speakers descended on St. Louis for the 2012 Computer-Assisted Reporting Conference, for a weekend packed with data analysis, web development, other sessions, and a panda costume.

We had a full team of students attending and blogging about panels throughout the conference. In all, the bloggers covered dozens of sessions, on topics ranging from web scraping to best data visualization practices to how to find stories in data. Those blog posts are archived at the CAR Conference Blog.

Tipsheets for all sessions are currently being collected and added to the system, and will soon be ...

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