Extra Extra : January 2012

Small planes still using leaded gas

A look at underage drinking in Ohio

WA state spends millions to help sex predators avoid lockup

"In a multi-part series, The Seattle Times has found that almost 300 sex offenders in the state of Washington are detained indefinitely in a civil-commitment program. The center protects society from these predators, but is has been plagued by runaway legal costs, a lack of financial oversight and layers of secrecy"

Congress benefits widen pension gap

"Bloomberg BusniessWeek reports that almost 15,000 federal retirees, including former leaders of Congress, a university president and a banker, are receiving six-figure pensions from a system that faces a $674.2 billion shortfall.

Charles R. Babcock and Frank Bass obtained data that shows about one of every 125 retired federal civilian workers collects more than $100,000 in benefits annually."

Cleaning up world's largest radioactive mess

Doctors caught cheating

"A CNN investigation has found that for years, doctors around the country taking an exam to become board certified in radiology have cheated on their test."

"Dozens of radiology residents interviewed by CNN said that they promised before taking the written test to memorize certain questions and write them down immediately after the test along with fellow residents so that the next round of test takers can memorize those questions."

Costly bus shelters spur anger, embarrassment

ING's "cafes" may be trying to avoid regulation

The Bay Citizen reports that the Internet banking giant, ING Direct USA, may be trying to bypass regulation by opening "cafes" instead of branches. By not offering deposits at the cafe, ING does not have to follow regulation that requires banks to lend money to low- and moderate-income borrowers in metropolitan areas.

ING claims the cafes are a marketing tool, and denies trying ot skirt the law.

originated 705 loans in the Bay Area in 2010, but provided only three to African-American borrowers and six to Hispanics.

Source: The Bay Citizen (http://s.tt/158du)