Extra Extra : August 2012

It's all about location for disabled vets in limbo

A Bay Citizen investigation has found that "veterans waiting for decisions on their disability claims wait longer than the Department of Veterans Affairs has acknowledged, especially if they come from larger urban areas. Solutions tried in four locations have not helped so far, as the backlog continues to grow."

Bronx prosecutors declined almost one quarter of all cases last year because of policy

"A months-long WNYC investigation has revealed that those accused of crimes in the Bronx have a greater chance of walking away without any charges than anywhere else in the city."

"In the Bronx, if a victim isn’t interviewed by prosecutors within 24 hours after an arrest, the DA will almost always decline to prosecute the case — an internal policy followed by no other DA's office in the city."

Workers exposed to dangerous levels of chemical at candy plant

When officials from Sensient Flavors explain their work, they sometimes compare it to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. But working at the food and beverage flavor manufacturer on Indianapolis' Southwestside is no child fantasy. Some workers were exposed to more than 400 times the generally recognized safe level for a chemical associated with a life-threatening lung condition, according to documents obtained by The Indianapolis Star. In its report, the Star details problems at the plant, integrating documents throughout the story.

C. diff bacteria cause of tens of thousands of deaths; could be stopped