IRE News : July 2009

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We’re now regularly posting member news online, in addition to its home in the printed Journal.  We’re offering Web-only content and consolidating links to some of our online features that provide tips and behind-the-scenes insight into investigative reporting. The site will work in conjunction with the printed version, and members can still access the full PDF versions of current and pasts issues from the site.  Visit the Journal online.

Why I support IRE

Three journalists from various backgrounds spoke during the IRE Awards luncheon in Baltimore on June 13 on why IRE is so important to their careers and to the future of investigative journalism. Click to listen. (6:20 – mp3 format) The speakers were:
  • Mark Horvit, IRE executive director (brief intro).
  • James Steele, contributing editor for Vanity Fair and one-half of Barlett and Steele, the longest running investigative reporting team in American journalism.
  • Mark Greenblatt, award-winning investigative reporter for KHOU-Houston.
  • Laura Frank, investigative reporter for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver until it closed Feb. 27; she now is helping launch the ...
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IRE supports new investigative news network

A group of journalists representing investigative reporting organizations throughout the nation gathered this week to take the first steps toward forming a non-profit investigative news network. Representatives from the Center for Public Integrity, the Center for Investigative Reporting, IRE, the Investigative Reporting Workshop, several newly formed regional investigative centers and other groups met at the Pocantico Conference Center in New York. The goals of the network, as stated in a declaration issued by the group, are to "aid and abet, in every conceivable way, individually and collectively, the work and public reach of its member news organizations, including, to the ... Read more ...

Downie, Johnston, Cribb join IRE board

David Cay Johnston, author and journalist, and Leonard Downie Jr. of The Washington Post won seats on the IRE Board of Directors at the 2009 IRE Conference in Baltimore. (See voting results online) Four incumbent candidates were re-elected to the 13-member board: Lise Olsen of The Houston Chronicle, Cheryl Phillips of The Seattle Times, broadcast journalist Lea Thompson, and Alison Young of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. IRE members also approved an amendment to IRE’s Articles of Incorporation which removes the restriction on the number of academic members who can serve on the board. Two IRE members were selected to serve ... Read more ...