On the Road : December 2009

What journalists learned in Minnesota

By Doug Haddix

IRE training director


Nearly 60 reporters, editors and publishers from small newspapers in southern Minnesota took part in three days of IRE custom training in December. The specialized IRE training was sponsored by Huckle and Mainstream newspapers. Several reporters and editors shared what they learned in a short video. It touches on topics such as Internal Revenue Service filings for nonprofits, the "deep Web" and Twitter.

CAR training bolsters mineral rights investigation

By Daniel Gilbert

Bristol (Va.) Herald Courier

On Sunday, our newspaper launched an eight-day investigative series on mineral rights that draws extensively on techniques I learned at IRE's August boot camp on computer-assisted reporting. The stories focus on landowners forced by the state of Virginia to lease their mineral rights to private companies. The companies are required to pay royalties into a state-run escrow fund, pending a determination of who owns the gas. The royalties have accumulated for almost 20 years without any meaningful oversight, and the fund now contains more than $24 million.

It turns out that the ...

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