On the Road : November 2012

CAR 2013 offers training for all skill levels

So you're thinking about coming to the CAR Conference, but you're wondering, "Is this for me?" 

Whether you're a reporter, editor, producer, developer, edcuator, blogger, student, etc., chances are your life has become increasingly electronic. To stay competitive in the workplace and continue to produce compelling journalism you are required, at some level, to interact with data.

No matter your job title or skill level, this conference can help you out. Read below to see what we have to offer, and stay tuned: In the coming months we'll post suggestions from veteran IRE members on making ...

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IRE trains South African journalists as part of Power Reporting conference

By Megan Luther

African journalists face different reporting barriers than their colleagues in the U.S., yet they share the desire to learn investigative techniques.

IRE traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa at the end of October to train reporters at the annual Power Reporting: The African Investigative Journalism Conference.

More than 200 journalists attended the three-day conference, which included typical sessions such as hands-on Excel training, but also addressed the risks that some journalists face. 

The Dangers
Freedom of the press takes on a different meaning in Africa. Journalists have been murdered, exiled and imprisoned for publishing the truth. 

Somalia ...

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Investigating charities calling for disaster relief money

In the wake of Sandy's destruction, countless efforts will be made to help victims. Already, ABC/Disney has designated a "Day of giving," the National Football League and it's players association has pledged $1 million to the Red Cross and iTunes is directly accepting donations.

Countless calls will be made for the public to donate to charities large and small. Reporters can investigate charities to analyze their past performance. They can also arm the public with knowledge by instructing them in ways they can check out who they are donating money to before it leaves their pockets.

These ...

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