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  • "The Transportation Lobby"

    The team at The Center for Public Integrity launch a database of transportation lobbyists and integrated that with an interactive map. Search by public/private sector, lobbying firm, or project.

    Tags: transportation; bill; lobby; lobbyiests

    By Matthew Lewis, Erik Lincoln, M.B. Pell, David Donald, Gordon Witkin, Julie Vorman, Aaron Mehta

    Center for Public Integrity (Washington, D.C.)


  • "The Transportation Lobby"

    After discovering that there are more than 1,800 transportation interest groups the team at The Center for Public Integrity "compiled a database of transportation lobbyists and integrated that with an interactive map." Search by location, public/private sector, lobbying firm, or project.

    Tags: transportation; lobbyists; interest groups; road lobby

    By Matthew Lewis, Erik Lincoln, M.B. Pell, David Donald, Gordon Witkin, Julie Vorman, Aaron Mehta

    Center for Public Integrity (Washington, D.C.)


  • Watchdog website and its web pages

    The Oklahoman/ started this project in 2008 with the Right to Know page, a collection of databases developed internally to go along with stories and links to relevant public information. That site became part of the Watchdog page in 2009. In 2010, the staff continued to evolve the Watchdog page with "mini-sites" of investigative topics, such as a political corruption case at the Oklahoma Legislature; the staff's FOI fight over the birth dates of public employees; and allegations of bid-rigging with a married lawmaker and lobbyist for a private company seeking a state juvenile justice contract. Other "mini-sites" under Watchdog include ongoing coverage of the state Department of Human Services and the federal stimulus package.

    Tags: continuous coverage; online; watchdog; bid-rigging; Department of Human Services; federal stimulus; FOI; Right to Know

    By Oklahoman Watchdog Staff; Oklahoman Online Editors; Joe Hight; Paul Monies

    The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK)


  • Sponsored Bills in Sacramento: How Our Laws are Really Made

    The series takes an in-depth look at how many bills in the state legislature are written by outside sponsors and their lobbyists. It examines the connection between lawmakers who introduce these bills and the campaign contributions they receive from the groups that sponsored the bills.

    Tags: bill; lobby; government; bill process; state government

    By Karen de Sa

    San Jose Mercury News West


  • State of Neglect

    The state of Texas, which is one of the nation’s wealthiest states, is faced with low rankings in social benefits. These benefits include “assistance to poor children and the malnourished, treatment of the mentally ill, care of the disabled and many other social indicators”. This series reveals special interests are being heard and are shaping laws and decisions in the state of Texas.

    Tags: lawmakers; state government; health care; state health; human services; privatizing; Evercare; hospitals; companies; businesses; lobbyists

    By Gregg Jones; Randy Lee Loftis; Doug Swanson; Ed Timms; Jennifer LaFleur; Ryan McNeill

    Dallas Morning News


  • Dollar Politics

    Health care lobbyists are trying to get their clients' interest represented, which involves millions of dollars going into Capitol Hill. This series examines the connection between money and politics and what it means for health care in the United States. Also, in this series the description that leads politicians and lobbyists to distort the lines between political support and utter corruption is explained.

    Tags: corruption; health care; industry; money; Senate; debate; legal; illegal; campaign; committee; meeting

    By Peter Overby; Andrea Seabrook; Brian Duffy

    National Public Radio


  • OC Assemblyman In Bed With Lobbyist

    When Michael Duvall, an Ex-Orange County assemblyman, described portions of his affair, he did not know it would be broadcasted for the public to hear. Duvall has been a consistent supporter for conservative issues and has long supported California families and their values. But after becoming the vice chairman of the Utilities and Commerce committee women, especially a lobbyist for the utility giant in California, began to notice him. This is how the affair started and resigning as assemblyman is how it ended.

    Tags: Michael Duvall; Heidi DeJong Barsuglia; assembly district representative; conservative; Rules Committee; Republican; politician; affair; California

    By Scott Moxley

    OC Weekly (Orange County, CA)


  • Speaker Richardson

    Georgia state politics fell apart after House Speaker Glenn Richardson's ex-wife revealed he'd had an affair and had lied about attempting suicide. His wife also had e-mails detailing how a lobbyist had aided her now ex-husband with the adultery. Richardson resigned and eventually the other "top three" House leaders were voted out of their positions.

    Tags: Glenn Richardson; Susan Richardson; affair; ethics; Atlanta Gas Light; Georgia house speaker; Raymon White

    By Dale Russell; Mindy Larcom; Travis Shields; Randall Rinehart; Michael Carlin

    WAGA-TV (Atlanta)


  • "Cash Committee"

    In this story, Huffington Post reporters show the "revolving door" between Congress and "industry," and how both use the House Financial Services Committee to raise money for lawmakers, especially in the private sector.

    Tags: House Financial Services Committee; lawmakers; House; Congress; lobbyists; private sector; Wall Street; the Hill

    By Ryan Grim; Arthur Delaney

    Huffington Post


  • "The Climate Change Lobby"

    Multinational lobbyists, particularly business interests in fossil fuel energy production, have backlashed against government's expanded interest in deterring climate change. As decisive action on global warming increasingly takes center stage, the climate change lobby over the past six years has increased in numbers by 400 percent. "The Climate Change Lobby" explores how special interests have attempted to sway environmental policy in a time of important decisions on global environmental and economic sustainability.

    Tags: lobby; climate; energy; global warming; lobbyists; fuels; Copenhagen; Obama; special interests; manufacturing;

    By David Kaplan; Gordon Witkin; Marina Guevara; Susan Headden; Marianne Lavelle; David Donald; M.B. Pell; Marian Wilkinson; Ben Cubby; Flint Duxfield; Fernando Rodrigues; Marcelo Soares; William Marsden; Christina Larson; Murali Krishnan; Akiko Kashiwagi; Mitsuhiro Yoshida; Kate Willson; Te-Ping Chen; Andrew Green; Matthew Lewis; Brigitte Alfter; Laura Cheek; Dan Ettinger; Aaron Mehta

    Center for Public Integrity (Washington, D.C.)