NICAR is a program of IRE, founded in 1989 and supported by the Missouri School of Journalism. NICAR shares IRE’s mission to foster excellence in journalism, particularly with regard to data journalism.

For the last 30 years, NICAR has:

  • made valuable government datasets available to journalists
  • done custom analysis work for newsrooms large and small
  • held annual conferences that helped create and continue to support the active NICAR community
  • trained journalists around the country and overseas in the art of acquiring, cleaning and analyzing data
  • provided resources for using data effectively and responsibly
  • trained Missouri journalism students to handle data and do analysis

To find out more about NICAR and its services, visit our FAQ page. Feel free to contact Charles Minshew, director of data services, directly at (573) 882-1982 or charles@ire.org.

*NICAR stands for the “National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting.” The term “computer-assisted reporting” was used widely in the last two decades to describe what many now call “data journalism.”