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Pa. Lawmakers Mask Millions in Campaign Expenses

A year-long investigation by Spotlight PA and The Caucus found Pennsylvania lawmakers use credit cards, gift cards and reimbursements to themselves to mask millions of dollars in campaign expenses. The spending includes lavish dinners, foreign trips, sports tickets, limos, country club memberships and more. Pennsylvania lawmakers operate under some of the country’s weakest campaign finance…

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The Town Where Medical Debt Collectors Decide Who Gets Arrested

People with cancer, with sick kids and with disabilities are being arrested because of medical debts they cannot pay. In one Kansas town, at least 11 people were jailed in the past year alone, a ProPublica investigation has found. Welcome to Coffeyville, where the judge has no law degree, debt collectors get a cut of…

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Who Killed Paul Guihard?

The Agence France-Presse podcast features the unsolved 1962 civil rights murder of AFP reporter Paul Guihard at Ole Miss during the 1962 integration crisis. Guihard was shot in the back from a foot away during a riot that accompanied the enrollment of James Meredith. The murder remains unsolved. Guihard is the only reporter known to…

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Prosecutors drop gun charges over and over. Some suspects go on to kill.

From 2014 through 2018 the Charlotte Observer found that Mecklenburg County prosecutors dismissed 68 percent of weapons charges, a higher rate than any other urban county in North Carolina. Mecklenburg’s high dismissal rate means that defendants who commit crimes there have a greater chance of avoiding punishment than in other North Carolina counties. Suspects who…

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Health System Sues Thousands Of Patients, Seizing Paychecks And Claiming Homes

Over six years, the University of Virginia health system filed 36,000 lawsuits against patients seeking a total of more than $106 million in unpaid bills, seizing wages and bank accounts, putting liens on property and homes and forcing families into bankruptcy, a Kaiser Health News investigation discovered. The sheer size of the program dwarfs other…

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Harris County, Texas Homicide Report

The Homicide Report is a project that will document homicides in Harris County during 2019. On a monthly basis, the Houston Chronicle and will list any death ruled by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences as a homicide — the death of a human being by the hand of another. The Homicide Report…

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California’s Teacher Housing Crunch: Rising rents in coastal California outpace teacher pay

Living where they teach has become a fading dream for many California teachers. An EdSource analysis of teacher salaries and rents reveals just how crushing California’s housing crisis has become for them. Teachers at the bottom of the salary scale working in the state’s coastal and metro areas are being shut out of affordable housing.…

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Small town in Ohio plagued by sex trafficking and local corruption

A team of Cincinnati Enquirer journalists spent more than a year in this small Rust Belt city two hours east of Cincinnati to investigate allegations of a sex trafficking ring. The findings corroborate what federal law enforcement agents first alleged four years ago – that a local defense lawyer and former city councilman lured women…

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How brokers’ bonuses can lead to ruin

The Star Tribune published an unprecedented examination of Wall Street recruitment practices this weekend. The story showed how big investment companies are dangling six-figure bonuses as a way to recruit top brokers, but the deals come with so many strings that the deals often backfire for both the brokers and their clients.