Toxic Testing

Number 10646
Subject Military
Source KTCA-TV (St. Paul, Minn.)
State MN
Year 1994
Publication Date June 8
Summary "In 1953, the U.S. Army secretly sprayed thousands of Americans -- including children at a school in the Twin Cities -- with toxic chemicals. (This report) reveals that the Army lied about the aerosol releases in Minneapolis, which were actually part of the Cold War biologial warfare program. Gilbert interviews former students and finds that many had serious medical problems, including high rates of cancer, multiple miscarriages, and children with birth defects."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 12
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE TRANSCRIPT; Department of Energy; radiation; biological warfare; Pentagon; Department of Defense; Clinton Foundation; School; Children of the Fifties; National Academy of Sciences; "Clouds of Secrecy"; cadmium; smokescreen
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