Will Newt Fall: the countdown to indictment

Number 12099
Subject Politicians
Source Mother Jones
State CA
Year 1995
Publication Date July/August
Summary Mother Jones Magazine reports that "The speaker of the House has systematically built his empire through dubious transactions. In violation of federal law, Newt's political action committee, GOPAC, has hidden the sources of at least $10 million in donations. Gingrich has also been deceptive about where the money was spent. To cover up his misdeeds, he has kept a tight hold on the House Ethics Committee and is counterattacking his Democratic opponents, who fear exposing their own ties to special interests. Only with a popular cry for a complete accounting - and an insistence on an independent, NONPARTISAN investigator - will we learn the truth about the speaker's dealings..."
Category General
Pages 8
Keywords Newt Gingrich Nancy Johnson quid pro quo conflict of interest influence power background
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