The Tax-Free Zone

Number 12213
Subject Nonprofits
Source City Paper (Washington, D.C.)
State DC
Year 1994
Publication Date Dec. 2
Summary The City Paper reports that "Each year, thousands of nonprofits suck up millions of dollars in city services, but the District government refuses to send them a bill. Gail Barnes and other city activists say it's time for the cash-strapped District to tap the nonprofits' wallets.... The exodus of middle-income residents from the District may go down as the last great migration of the 20th century. Citing deplorable municipal services, rising crime, and an ineffectual education system, these former D.C. stalwarts have become D.C. haters. Almost to a one, the departing hordes complain about the District's confiscatory taxes - income, property, and sales - which make Washingtonians' tax bills among the highest in the land."
Category General
Pages 9
Keywords Department of Finance and Revenue preferential treatment civic activists sacred cows District of Columbia freeloaders or do-gooders tax subsidy subsidizing
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