A Different Kind of Child Abuse

Number 12251
Subject Nonprofits
Source Penthouse Magazine
Year 1995
Publication Date December
Summary Penthouse Magazine reports that Save the Children's "combination of generic Third Worldness, corporate imagery, and the sad faces of distant but real human beings sums up the charity's peculiar appeal... Sponsorship links the donor directly to a needy, sad-eyed target of the charity's work, rather than to a faceless fundraiser at the end of a solicitation... But sponsorship is not always what it appears to be... Anyone thinking clearly about the miserable poverty of the children in these ads would have to conclude that $20 a month - 65 cents a day - is not by itself enough to substantially alter the oppressive environments they inhabit."
Category General
Pages 9
Keywords charities overhead costs finances Sally Field spokesperson Charles MacCormack
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