The Worst Nightmare

Number 12836
Subject Organized Crime
Source CBS News 60 Minutes
State NY
Year 1995
Publication Date Oct. 15
Summary "A CBS News investigation, conducted jointly with US News and World Report, provided the first irrefutable evidence that Russian organized crime, working with at least one senior official of the government of Boris Yeltsin, had moved into the dangerous but potentially lucrative area of nuclear smuggling. Relying on unique access to senior law enforcement officials in Lithuania and Russia, the reporters unearthed shipping documents, business contracts and other correspondence detailing the illegal movement of 4.4 tons of beryllium from a supposedly secure Russian research facility through a number of middlemen to a Mafia organization in Lithuania and ultimately, to a man identified as a Korean buyer, willing to pay more than ten times the material's market value."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 13
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE TRANSCRIPT; Soviet Union; National Security Council; Radioactive materials; cold war; smuggling; Pentagon; Green Berets; CIA; State Department
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