Mammography: Too Young to Die

Number 13771
Subject Health Care
Source KCBS-TV (Los Angeles)
Year 1996
Publication Date Feb. 12-13, May 5, 1996
Summary "This work is the result of nine months of investigation and reporting in the United States, Canada and Sweden. The report ultimately exposed how the federal agency charged with this nation's war on cancer has not been telling the truth. KCBS reveals how many American women and physicians have been misled by the National Cancer Institute's policy on mammography. The investigation documents the N.C.I. admitting for the first time, that its mammography policy for women in their forties is a mistake. This series has been credited by members of the U.S. Congress, the American Cancer Society and some of the world's top experts in breast cancer for triggering the first National Institutes of Health hearing into this matter to be held January 21, 1997."
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