The Lethal Dangers of the Billion-Dollar Vaccine Business

Number 13849
Subject Health Care
Source Money Magazine
Year 1996
Publication Date
Summary As Baby Boomers have become parents themselves, the list of vaccines required to fully immunize a child in this country has grown to include 16 immunizations that guard against 11 different diseases, making the vaccine industry a booming business with estimated revenues of more than $1 billion in the U.S. alone, up from $500 million in 1990. Money decided to investigate this rapidly growing business by closely examining two of the vaccines with the longest track records in this country: polio and DPT. Parent trust that producing the safest vaccines possible is a goal that manufacturers will strive for and that federal regulatory agencies will ensure is met on their behalf. Unfortunately, Money's investigation revealed that public trust has been violated. The result: hundreds of previously healthy children needlessly have suffered vaccine-caused death or permanent injury when safer alternative were available. (December, 1996)
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords vaccine business; lethal; billion-dollar industry; vaccine-caused death; unsafe vaccines; deadly vaccines
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