Probable Cause

Number 14444
Subject Police
Source NBC News Dateline
State Louisiana
Year 1997
Publication Date 1/3 (rebroadcast 8/22 with updates)
Summary This ten-month investigation revealed "how some Louisiana police departments targeting out-of-state motorists for unconstitutional and illegal traffic stops, illegal searches and seizures. The report showed how police were abusing the state's drug asset forfeiture law by using it against innocent people. .. Hidden cameras ... showed how police stopped drivers that had not committed traffic violations then lied about the reason. (The story) uncovered hundreds of cases where police searched and detained motorists without cause, strip-searched women traveling alone, and held some in jail for days. Victims, in particular women and minorities, lost money, property and even their cars while police profited from the seizures. ..."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 29
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE TRANSCRIPT; Law Enforcement; racial profiling; fraud; police intimidation; false arrest; detainment; Miranda; brutality
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