In Drug-Policy Debates, a Center at Columbia U. Takes a Hard Line: Institute's studies grab headlines, but critics call its approach oversimplified

Number 14484
Subject Education
Source Chronicle of Higher Education (Washington, D.C.)
Year 1997
Publication Date October 3, 1997
Summary The article analyzes the work of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. The Center, run by the former Health, Education, and Welfare Secretary Joseph Califano, has become one of the loudest voices in the debate over drug policy. It largely adheres to the government's punitive and prohibitionist approach to the drug problem. The story shows that the center's views do not reflect the range of debate in the field. Because it receives substantial financing from industry, its views often drown out those of other scholars. The story alleges that the center characterizes anyone who disagrees with it views as drug "legalizers."
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