Shell Game?

Number 15236
Subject Food
Source NBC News Dateline
Year 1998
Publication Date April 7, 1998
Summary Dateline NBC's investigation reveals how month-old eggs were being repackaged, re-dated and sold as if they were fresh - misleading consumers and posing a significant threat to public health. The authors expose how loopholes in the law made this practice legal and widespread across the country. Health experts told Dateline that repackaging old eggs increased the risk of food poisoning from salmonella enteritidis. Officials at the centers for Disease Control told Dateline they estimate the "SE" from eggs sickens and kills more Americans each year than the much-publicized e.Coli in hamburger.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 30
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE TRANSCRIPT;FOI;food packaging;e.Coli;salmonella
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