Tomb of the Unknowns

Number 15332
Subject Military
Source CBS News
State NY
Year 1998
Publication Date January, March, April, May, June, July, 1998
Summary "This series of stories dealt with the identify of the American serviceman buried as the Vietnam Unknown in 1984. CBS News found (and reported) that he had an identity and that it was known to many in the military before the remains were buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Using the Freedom of Information Act and record searches ... (CBS News) found that the Unknown was most certainly Air Force Lt. Michael Joseph Blassie and that certain military officials kept that fact secret. ... The Pentagon took the unprecedented step of ordering the Tomb opened and the remains subjected to DNA testing. The tests proved it was Blassie and he was ultimately buried under a stone bearing his own name in Veterans cemetery outside St. Louis."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 31
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE TRANSCRIPT; FOIA; Tomb of the Unknowns; MIAs; veterans
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