1999 IRE National Conference Show and Tell Tape #4

Number 15803
Subject Investigative Reporting
Source IRE
State MO
Year 1999
Publication Date July 1999
Summary 1999 IRE National Conference (Kansas City) Show and Tell Tape #4 is the fourth in a nine-part series. This tape includes: 1.) Anna Werner (KHOU-Houston) Sexual message 2.) Chris Halsne (KWTV-Oklahoma City) "Mismanagement 101" Waste of a million-dollar school bond. 3.) Shellee Smith/Jim Schaefer (WXYZ-Detroit) Fire station's alarm left behind in a move. Now someone has to run to the fire house to let them know about a fire. Huge delays in the system. It can be fixed simply by relocating the old system. 4.) Scott Brooks (WSOC-Charlotte, NC) Getting guns from unlicensed dealers during a gun show. 5.) Carol Kloss (KETV-Omaha) Home improvement fraud 6.) Matt Goldberg/Tony Kovaleski (KPRC-Houston) "Steroids for Sale" Man posing as physician's assistant dispenses steroids without prescriptions to residents and even police officers 7.) Eileen Walden/Sandra Chapman (WISH-Indianapolis) The investigation reveals the lax security at the Indiana state capital. There have been many thefts in recent years. AN intricate web of underground tunnels links several buildings in the capital complex. Once inside, the reporter moves around freely and even reaches the offices of state senators. The reporter manages to carry out an empty box that looks as though it has a computer inside. No one blinks an eye.
Category General
Pages 5
Keywords TAPE;Kansas City;conference;no transcripts;IRE
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