Home Health Care in Crisis:Criminal caregivers

Number 15823
Subject Health Care
Source Record (Hackensack, N.J.)
State NJ
Year 1999
Publication Date Oct. 3 - Dec. 30, 1999
Summary The Record reports that "New Jersey has allowed (Alvest O'Neill) Williams and countless other thieves, drug dealers, and violent offenders to work as home health aides -- no questions asked. In nearly every county, The Record found criminals -- fully certified by the state -- working alone in the homes of cancer survivors, the elderly, and the infirm, their pasts hidden from vulnerable patients". "In a second major finding, Layton and Zambito tracked how a growing number of families, burdened by the enormous expense of home care, have turned to untrained and unlicensed aides."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 77
Keywords CAR; State legislation; PAC; Background checks; Criminals
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