Killer's pistol akin to banned model; Following the guns; Guns For Sale; The gun pipeline

Number 15828
Subject Guns
Source Denver Post
State CO
Year 1999
Publication Date Apr. 23, Aug. 1, Sept. 19-21, Dec. 19-21
Summary This series includes articles on tracking guns in the Denver area. "Killer's pistol akin to banned model" and "Following the guns" look at where the Columbine killers got their weapons -- a local gun show. In "Guns for Sale" (a three-part series) The Denver Post found police officers selling banned arms to gun dealers and criminals. The Post analyzed thousands of ATF firearms tracing records from 1994-98. The Post found in close to 3,000 cases guns the police sold back to the public ended up back in the hands of other law-enforcement agencies. In "The gun pipeline" In a three-part series,The Denver Post analyzed databases from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to examine the impact of multiple handgun sales on crime. The paper found these weapons, many of which were resold on the street, were used in armed robberies and homicides across the country
Pages 49
Keywords guns;police;crime;gun sales;gun trafficking;CAR
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