Dead Run: The Untold Story of Dennis Stockton and America's Only Mass Escape from Death Row

Number 15968
Subject Death Penalty
Source Random House
State New York
Year 1999
Publication Date Nov. 10, 1999
Summary "Dead Run" tells the story of Dennis Stockton, a self-described career criminal sentenced to death in 1983 for murder. Stockton, who was poorly defended in court, steadfastly maintained his innocence. As a Death Row inmate, Stockton began keeping a journal of his life. In May of 1984, he recorded in his journal an account of the "Mecklenburg Six's" daring escape from Death Row. William F. Burke, an editor at the Virginia-Pilot in Norfolk, published Stockton's account of the only mass escape from Death Row in the history of the United States. The two became fast friends and Burke began publishing columns by Stockton pleading his innocence and outlining the horrible conditions on Death Row. Nonetheless, Stockton was executed in 1995.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 5
Keywords BOOK; diary; wrongful imprisonment; criminal justice system; lethal injection
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