Death on the Tracks

Number 15974
Subject Military
Source European Stars and Stripes
Year 1999
Publication Date Dec. 9-10, 1999
Summary The Stars and Stripes "takes a close look at the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two soldiers from the same Army base in Darmstadt, Germany, that were killed by trains in 1998. one was a suicide; the other may have been. The two junior enlisted men, who did not know each other, died eight months apart, but shared much in common. We found they were odd men out in their units, the NCOs directly over them failed to take care of them, and their parents believe the Army failed in investigating their deaths."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 23
Keywords Private 2nd Class; Ibrahim Hasan; Muslim; religion minorities; Specialist Karl Herrick; hazing; harassment; JAG; Judge Advocate General
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