Questionable Operators

Number 15982
Subject Health Care
Source Leader-Telegram (Eau Claire, WI)
State WI
Year 1999
Publication Date Feb. 7, June 20, Sept. 5, Dec. 26, 1999
Summary The Leader-Telegram "dug into the backgrounds of two questionable doctors in high-profile specialties who transplanted to Eau Claire (Wis.) late in their careers. What they found rocked the regional health-care industry and shocked the conscience of the community.... (One doctor) had reached an illegal, secret deal with hospital officials in California to cover up his suspect medical record and allow him to practice in Wisconsin... (The other doctor) had been the target of more than twice as many malpractice claims as any other neurosurgeon in Wisconsin since moving his practice..."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 29
Keywords M. Terry McEnany; Thomas V. Rankin; surpressed medical records; disciplinary actions; lawsuits; bankruptcy; Medical Board of California; medical license application; Medical Examining Board; secrecy
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