Uncivil Action - A Town Left to Die, Asbestos: Forgotten Killer

Number 16058
Subject Asbestos
Source Seattle Post-Intelligencer
State WA
Year 1999
Publication Date Nov. 1999 to Nov. 2000
Summary The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that "From 1924 until 1990, miners extracted a large percentage of the world's vermiculite from a mountainside near Libby (Montana). As they mined and milled the ore, millions of tons of tremolite asbestos were released into the air... 192 people from Libby had died, and 375 were currently diagnosed with fatal asbestos-related disease, directly traceable to the mining operation. ... The W.R. Grace Co., which owned the mine for three decades, was well aware of the deadly asbestos being inhaled by the miners and their families, but for years did not tell its workers of the hazards... And doctors say the people of Libby will keep dying for decades..."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 97
Keywords Zonolite Mountain; mine; U.S. Public Health Service; EPA; Environmental Protection Agency; Montana Board of Health Division of Disease Control; U.S. Bureau of Mines
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