Animal Underworld

Number 16106
Subject Animals
Source Center for Public Integrity (Washington, D.C.)
State DC
Year 1999
Publication Date October 1999
Summary "Animal Underworld is an expose of the burgeoning domestic trade in exotic species. The book examines all facets of the exotic-animal 'industry,' focusing in particular on the 'laundering' of unwanted zoo and research castoffs as they are sold and resold until paper trails go cold. Animal Underworld exposes the elaborate shell game of animal brokering that secretly shunts rare - even endangered - species off to auction barns, private hunting preserves, roadside attractions and basement cages. The book demonstrates how institutions and individuals heralded for their commitment to conservation, including some of the nation's most respected zoos, are in many instances interested more in profits than in preservation of the species..."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 33
Keywords BOOK CAR TAPE (background/media coverage) Humane Society; National Wildlife Federation; Jim Fowler; Jack Hanna; National Zoo; Reston Animal Park; Lincoln Park Zoo; FOIA
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