Daley Inc.: Patronage Blooms on Family Tree

Number 16130
Subject Politics
Source Chicago Tribune
State IL
Year 1999
Publication Date June 13, 1999
Summary The Chicago Tribune reports "The Daleys of Chicago have been one of the most powerful families in national politics since the reign of Richard J. Daley as Chicago's mayor from 1956 to 1977, and the late mayor's sons have carried on the tradition. Richard M. Daley is mayor of Chicago, William Daley, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, John Daley a Cook County Commissioner and Michael Daley is one of Chicago's most successful zoning lawyers.... Despite crafting an image for himself as something of a reformer, the current mayor has nurtured the tradition of political nepotism. The investigation found at least 68 relations of the Daleys on public payrolls during the current mayor's administration... All but 15 of the 68 remain today. Last year, their combined salaries alone totaled more than $3 million."
Category Contest Entry
Pages 18
Keywords CAR family politics machine politics family tree
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