The Unwanted Children of Russia

Number 16161
Subject Children
Source ABC News 20/20
State NY
Year 1999
Publication Date Jan. 13, 1999
Summary "ABC News 20/20's (story) exposed the institutionalized system of neglect, even abuse, enclosing and stunting the lives of tens of thousands of abandoned children in (Russia.) ... (an) undercover investigation, spending time at a balanced range of institutions... The report uncovers handicapped children virtually imprisoned in their beds. Other, apparently healthy, children are officially labeled as 'imbeciles,' and institutionalized, possibly for life. Babies are warehoused in roach-infested hospital cribs, some for as long as two years, without stimulation, and kept on limited diets to reduce the number of diaper changes required. Strong sedatives are used to control, even punish children..."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 25
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE TRANSCRIPT; Human Rights Watch Report; United Nations; hidden camera; international; orphanages
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