Surgery Seminars

Number 16162
Subject Doctors
Source ABC News 20/20
State NY
Year 1999
Publication Date Nov. 3, 1999
Summary ABC News 20/20 reports that "...More and more doctors are 'crossing over' from the specialties in which they were trained to completely different, more lucrative, medical specialties such as cosmetic surgery... Many doctors attend just a few weekend seminars before they begin operating on actual patients. Doctors argue that that's all that's needed, yet a plastic surgery residency consists of 5-7 years of general and plastic surgery after medical school. Using numerous electronic databases, we ran extensive background checks on the "faculties" of some of these weekend seminars and uncovered several surprising finds: several "faculty" members had had their medical licenses revoked or sanctioned... one had served time in federal prison..."
Category IRE Contest Entry
Pages 17
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE TRANSCRIPT; physician; education; backgrounding; surgery board certification; hospital review boards
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