Poisoned on the Job

Number 16227
Subject Worker Safety
Source CBC News (Edmonton, AB)
State Alberta
Year 1999
Publication Date Aug. 26, 1999
Summary CBC News reports "a story about transit workers in the small Alberta city of Medicine Hat who say they are sick because they were exposed to dangerous levels of methanol during a federally funded test project of the alternative fuel. Methyl alcohol is highly toxic, but the workers were told it was 'environmentally friendly.' A report from an internal investigation confirmed the workers were exposed to excessive levels of the chemical for years as they worked in clothes soaked with the fuel and breathed formaldehyde fumes produced by incomplete combustion. Today, the workers say they suffer from chemical sensitivities because of their exposure. Alberta's Workers' Compensation Board has rejected their claims...."
Category Contest Entry
Pages 10
Keywords TAPE TRANSCRIPT National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Alberta Labour Department education safeguards protective equipment FOIA Material safety data sheets transit authority buses
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