Pentagon Crisis: Security-check backlog, and other stories on the chaos in the security clearance program at the Department of Defense

Number 16242
Subject Federal Government
Source USA Today (Arlington, Va.)
State Virginia
Year 1999
Publication Date June 3, 1999; June 9, 1999; June 23, 1999; July 14, 1999; Aug. 10, 1999; Aug. 16, 1999; Aug. 20, 1999; Aug. 23, 1999; Aug. 25, 1999; Nov. 1, 1999; Dec. 29, 1999
Summary A USA Today investigation into the problems in the security-clearance program in the Department of Defense revealed a "chaotic clearance program, one beset by strife and a backlog of 600,000 investigations, or one-fourth of the Pentagon's clearance population." Other stories in this series looked at variety of security-clearance related issues including "how dozens of foreign nations sought to gather intelligence at US defense plants on technologies used in sophisticated weapons systems" and "how the top lawyer in the Defense Security Service was reassigned to another agency after warning superiors they were violating government regulations by taking shortcuts on security background investigations."
Category Contest Entry
Pages 47
Keywords military;security-clearance;information;top secret whistleblower
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