Laos: Exploding the Past

Number 16799
Subject Vietnam
Source Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Chicago)
State Illinois
Year 2000
Publication Date September/October
Summary Lovering tells the story of UXO Lao, a bomb disposal program in the poor country of Laos. From 1964 to 1973, Laos was the target of one of "the most extensive bombing campaigns in history... An average of one planeload of bombs fell every eight minute for nine years..." Prior to the Vietnam War, the CIA secretly orchestrated a civil war in Laos. When the fighting ensued in neighboring Vietnam, Laos became a target of air strikes. Some bomb specialists estimate that 30 percent of the bombs dropped on Laos failed to explode. A 1997 survey by Handicap International found that more than 10,000 people in Laos have been maimed or killed by unexploded bombs.
Category General
Pages 7
Keywords Laos;Vietnam War;unexploded bombs;ordnance disposal;UXO
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