Deja's View: In a Poor Baby's Fight to Survive, a Parable Of a Medicaid HMO; An ICU Works Its Wonders, Monitors Patrol the Ward, And the Tension Crackles; When Discharge Is a Setback

Number 17089
Subject Health
Source Wall Street Journal (New York)
State New York
Year 2000
Publication Date Dec. 27, 2000
Summary The Wall Street Journal tells the story of Deja Donegan, a five-week-old preemie born to a single mother on welfare. The story of Deja serves to illustrate a large issue facing the medical community today: health professionals are spending millions of dollars to "try to make a dent in the distressingly high infant-mortality rate among African-Americans," but are under tremendous amounts of pressure from HMOs to discharge those babies as soon as their condition improves. This is a particularly grave problem because many of the babies treated come from lower income homes. When the babies are released -- sometimes earlier than the doctors would prefer -- they are often not going to well-equiped, warm homes. This can cause these million-dollar babies to have more medical problems later in life.
Category General
Pages 6
Keywords HMOs;preemies;health care;babies;medical technology
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