Second-class Medicine

Number 17261
Subject Health Care
Source Consumer Reports
State NY
Year 2000
Publication Date Sept.
Summary The magazine investigates the kind of health care "the uninsured get or don't get." The story "illustrates a two-tiered system of care that exists for chronically-ill: the top tier for those who have the means to buy the-state-of-the-art medication and technology and the bottom tier for those who do not." Among the issues analyzed is "the patchwork of programs put in place by federal and state governments, and by private organizations". The author' conclusion is that "more often than not, these programs came up short". The article recommends prospective legislative steps towards providing health care for all.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 12
Keywords insurance;welfare;Medicaid;Medicare;benefits;dental care;medicines;pharmaceutical companies;hospitals;clinics;emergency rooms;cancer;immigrants
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