AIDS Incorporated

Number 17647
Subject AIDS
Source Washington Monthly
Year 2001
Publication Date April
Summary A Washington Monthly investigation reveals that "federal AIDS money ended up funding psychic hotlines, Neiman Marcus, and flirting classes." The story reminds about the "San Juan AIDS scandal" involving funding abuses in the beginning of the 1990s, and finds it "symptomatic of larger problems with federal AIDS funding." The report shows that the incidents of "fraud, mismanagement and abuse of AIDS money are increasing nationwide," and points to examples of scandals in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana and the Los Angeles County. Amongst the key findings is that "the administrators of some AIDS charities earn more than mayors, governors and members of Congress." The investigation looks at "funding inequities [that] particularly impact African-American and other minority communities."
Category General
Pages 5
Keywords public health;physicians;Ryan White Act;poverty;health insurance;lobbyists;gay community;HIV
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