Re-Engineering: Amtrak Boss Struggles to Get Train Service on Track in the U.S.

Number 17720
Subject Railroads
Source Wall Street Journal (New York)
State NY
Year 2001
Publication Date January 16
Summary The Journal takes a look at the continuous struggle faced by Amtrak to compete with increased airline traffic and highway travel. New Amtrak president and chief executive George Warrington has large plans for the renovation and revitalization of Amtrak such as faster trains, better customer service, and remodeled stations. But because of past financial problems, Congress has said that Amtrak must operate without federal operating subsidies by 2003 "or face restructuring or liquidation." Unfortunately for Amtrak, in 2000 federal subsidies were close to $184 million. Machalaba finds out how Amtrak is collaborating with Continental Airlines and the U.S. Conference of Mayors to build support for a new passenger rail system in the U.S., one that George Warrington believes can be as commercially viable as the rail system that runs through Europe.
Category General
Pages 3
Keywords Railroads;transportation;Amtrak
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