Who's driving your kids? Records spotty

Number 17782
Subject Buses
Source Atlanta Journal-Constitution
State GA
Year 2001
Publication Date February 26, 27, 28, March 1
Summary One in six school Georgia bus drivers whose records were examined by the AJC and WSB-TV was found to have a serious violation on his or her personal or professional driving record. "In the past seven years, 613 school bus drivers have had their licenses suspended, including 21 who were still ferrying this children this month despite suspended licenses...The investigation found 342 Georgia school bus drivers with criminal records, including 22 who have spent time in prison." Lax enforcement, weak policies regarding background checks, and a shortage of school bus drivers are among the factors that have helped create this situation. In all, 34 school bus drivers were "sidelined" after the AJC and WSB-TV inquired about them. This series includes breakdowns for the counties in the AJC's various zoned editions.
Pages 37
Keywords school bus;bus drivers;prior records;drivers licence;DUI;DWI;criminal history;background check;suspended license;CAR
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