Playing With Pain Killers

Number 17819
Subject Drugs
Source Newsweek Magazine (New York, NY)
State NY
Year 2001
Publication Date April 9
Summary Newsweek reports on the increased use of painkillers and how many Americans have turned their prescription into an addiction. "In 1999 an estimated 4 million Americans over the age of 12 used prescription pain relievers, sedatives and stimulants for 'nonmedical' reasons in the past month, with almost half saying they'd done so for the first time." Experts and police report the drugs are easy to get and have a wide variety of users. Therefore, making it sometimes difficult to track users down. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies agree that education for prescription pain relievers is crucial to prevent misuse. In addition, Newsweek reports on Hazard, Ky., a small town that has been overtaken with the drug OxyContin and Cindy McCain, wife of Senator John McCain reports on her personal battle with pain pills since 1989,
Category General
Pages 8
Keywords prescription pain relievers;Drug Enforcement Administration;painkillers;National Institute on Drug Abuse;doctors;pharmacies
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