Access Denied

Number 17964
Subject Abortion
Source In These Times (Chicago)
State IL
Year 2001
Publication Date Jan. 8, 2001
Summary "The one big political issue of the '90s was abortion. Feminists have obsessed over Roe v. Wade and championed Clinton and Gore fore defending the right to choose. But at the same time, most women in t his country have etched their ability to obtain an abortion disappear. As Miranda Kennedy points out in 'Access Denied,' 85 percent of counties nationwide have no abortion provider, It's still true that women with money can always access abortion, but women with less cannot."
Category General
Pages 3
Keywords abortion clinics;choice;Child Custody Protection Act;parental notification;Mark Crutcher;"A Guerrilla Strategy for a Pro-life America;Life Dynamics;waiting period;Hyde Amendment;Medicaid;late-term abortion
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