Adverse Reaction: AIDS Gaffes in Africa Come Back to Haunt Drug Industry at Home

Number 18087
Subject Pharmaceuticals
Source Wall Street Journal (New York)
Year 2001
Publication Date April 23
Summary The Wall Street Journal examines the increasing risks to the pharmaceutical companies, if they continue "to conduct their business as usual - by finding and patenting a few new drugs, pricing them high and marketing them aggressively..." The story finds that AIDS-drug price cuts in poor nations have deepened U.S. pharmaceuticals industry domestic trouble, as the firms have revealed the 'true' cost of pills. The article points to evidence that some "medicines are priced - excluding research expenses - at eight to 10 times their cost of manufacturing and distribution. The reporter finds that even though drug makers "poured $80 million into last year's Congressional campaign... their credibility is weakening in the public eye." The story also looks at the possibility for government-mandated price-controls for prescription drugs.
Category General
Pages 3
Keywords politics;research;patenting;Medicare;Medicaid;AIDS;HIV;politics;legislation;United Nations;Pfizer Inc.;Glaxo;Merck;Bristol-Myers;Abbott Laboratories
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