Hollywood Wars

Number 18119
Subject Entertainment
Source Brill's Content
Year 2001
Publication Date Fall
Summary Brill's Content looks at "the history of a Hollywood-Pentagon alliance that can often blur the line between entertainment and propaganda." The investigation is based on hundreds of pages of military documents that have made "the nature and scope of the Pentagon's dealings with Hollywood filmmakers ... suddenly more vivid." The article reveals that "filmmamkers who want their movies about the military to look real seek assistance from the Pentagon, but the military imprimatur comes with a price." Filmmakers can get "nearly cost-free access to the military's equipment", if they implement changes to the script "to ensure ... that the military is presented accurately and in positive light." The story includes a list of well-known movies that either exemplify the military's influence, or have been disapproved by the Pentagon. The author points to the CIA as another government organization that tries to influence filmmakers.
Category General
Pages 18
Keywords movies;film industry;Armed Forces;Pentagon;CIA;screenplay;screenwriters;producers;Apocalypse now;Catch-22;Independence Day;Forrest Gump;Goldeneye;Born on the Fourth of July;Armageddon
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