Toxics on the Hudson

Number 18247
Subject Pollution
Source Multinational Monitor
Year 2001
Publication Date July/August
Summary Multinational Monitor sheds light on the new development in a case dealing with the General Electric (GE) corporation's responsibility for polluting the Hudson River with oily compounds known as polychlorinated byphenyls. The story focuses on a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to GE for cleaning up the river at the cost of $460 million, and examines the company's concern that the cleanup plan may not work at all. The article reports on some of the health hazards posed by PCB contamination, and reveals that, as early as the 1930s, GE executives knew about health problems in workers exposed to the poisonous substance.
Category General
Pages 10
Keywords rivers;contamination;Environmental Protection Agency;Jack Welch;wildlife;PCB;science;Monsanto;fish;carcinogenicity;legislature;Pittsfield;Massachusetts;Rome;Georgia
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