The District's Lost Children. A Decade of Deadly Mistakes

Number 18280
Subject Children
Source Washington Post
State D.C.
Year 2001
Publication Date Sept. 9-12, 2001
Summary The Washington Post investigates "critical errors by city's network," which have led to the death of 40 children who were supposedly under the protection of social workers, police officers, judges and other city employees. The story is based on data from confidential files that "show wide patter of official neglect." The report reveals that one in five protected children who perished from 1993 through 2000 "lost their lives after government workers failed to take key preventive action or placed children in unsafe homes or institutions." Washington Post finds that confidentiality laws drafted to protect children have been used to shield government officials from scrutiny.
Category Contest Medalist
Pages 65
Keywords Child and Family Services Agency;social workers;nursing homes;doctors;judges;neglect;abuse;courts;government;mental health;child protection;Washington;D.C.;deaths;mistreatment
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